About B.L.Indo

B.L. Indo Anglian Public School (B.L. Indo) is located in Aurangabad, Bihar. It is 10 +2 school serves approximately 2000 students with 50 classroom teachers. The teaching methods and philosophies vary widely from teacher to teacher. Most of the teachers employ progressive methods, though to quite different extremes. The school wide curriculum is not rigidly enforced, thus, teachers have time for ...both independent projects and creative methods. In addition to its classroom teachers, the school has a strong group of support teachers and non-classroom staff. All staff members are in constant contact and collaboration with respect to students and learning environments.
The neighbourhoods that are zoned for B.L. Indo are primarily middle-class, and include a college town. Most students in the school are involved in extracurricular activities, including going to other schools, attending language classes, playing sports activities including football, soccer, basketball, cricket and hockey, and playing musical instruments. Many of the students are engaged in at least two different activities outside of school. In general, these students are looking to succeed, and in every grade they are receiving on tests and papers. In general, the students come to school the expectation that they will succeed in school.
Parents are constantly in the school environment. Whether they are volunteering for school trips, helping in a classroom party, or bringing in something that their child forget, parents figure strongly in the day-to-day life of the school. They also wield a lot of power over teachers and administrators with their not infrequent requests of changes in curriculum and methods.

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